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Our Goals

Our goal is to comprehensively cultivate the personality of our young students, aiming at physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. It is important for children at this stage of their lives to develop their self-esteem, appreciate the value of cooperation, learn to work in groups and realize their uniqueness and diversity. Our goal through all this is to equip the children with the necessary skills and tools so they are able to respond creatively as happy members to the demands of our society.

Experiential School

At Sofias Kinderhaus experiential education is the main axis in the educational process, since the founding of our educational community, innovating, as it is imperative, to work experientially, so that our young students, as young explorers have a leading and active role in the learning process, observing natural changes, exploring natural materials and discovering the world around them with all their senses, in an environment where the teacher becomes a researcher along with the child, reinforcing the mood for contact and communication, collaboration and solidarity, autonomy and action, encouraging the curiosity of children and placing their needs, interests and concerns at the center of the educational process.

Early learning of foreign languages

At Kinderhaus we want to recognize the importance of early learning of foreign languages and we are very happy to take the initiative to introduce, in addition to Greek and two foreign languages in our curriculum, German and English. According to research by linguists, the best time frame for learning languages is between the ages of three and five. At this age the brain develops its structure and the network of neurons.

The multifaceted promotion at this young age enhances the creation of synapses and strengthens the complete activation of the intellectual potential. Thus, children who were raised with more languages are proven to be more flexible and capable of better performance in comprehension.

They can also learn many languages much more easily than children who were raised with a single language. It is a fact that in order to achieve significant results, foreign language teaching in early childhood must be as intense as possible. At Kinderhaus we apply the Immersionsansatz system, which has proven to be effective in nursery schools and kindergarten, selecting different teachers for each language who will co-exist in the space, so that children can effectively gather in a trilingual environment, language experiences throughout the day.

Children learn intuitively and experientially through play, songs and stories, German and English from German and English teachers.

Preschool Music

Children’s contact with music at a young age is extremely important and at Kinderhaus is a key part of the curriculum. Children enter the magical world of music using all their senses and all parts of their body, through exercises and games of music education of the Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly and Kindermusik systems. In our facilities we also host a recording studio, thus having the opportunity to delve deeper in the field of music education.